They’re just people… just like us.

29 Sep

I just came back from Enrique Iglesias’ concert and I honestly don’t know what to say, but since I’m sharing experiences I have to find some words. There were so many people and since I arrived late (stupid, stupid me!) I couldn’t even see the stage, so I was watching from one of the video walls, but it still was amazing. He has such an extraordinary voice. I was absolutely amazed by his vocal skills and his presence. Witnessing all of it gave me goosebumps. He literally made me cry and I have never cried on a concert before, but he was just so real and so “human”… That might have sounded strange, but this is how I feel. I have so many favorite singers, actors and famous people in general and I would give anything to have the chance to know them, but all of them are just so unreachable and it’s normal. If I had the whole world knowing my name and wanting to see me, touch me, get to know me etc. I would be hard to reach, too. And sometimes I feel so small… like a speck. Seeing people like this totally messes me up. I mean, those are people that write history. People that are always going to be remembered, one way or another. And i just want to be a part of it so bad, but here I am this tiny little thing in the faces of all those well-known people and…. Oh, anyway! I think I’m a little depressed 😦 But I’ll get over it soon… The point is that it was a great experience and seeing Enrique tonight so humane, warm and open to people made me realize that we build this God-like images of all the celebrities, but what we fail to see is that at the end of the day they’re just human, just like us…


The job market – friend or foe?

25 Sep

I recently quit my job as a teacher at the school and it’s not because I didn’t like it, but because it wasn’t well paid and I definitely need the money right now. It’s funny how people would think that just because you work at a private school that means you’re better paid… They’re wrong! I guess it’s a bit better than teaching at a public school, but better in this case is simply not good enough. I had a great time working there and definitely learned a lot. The point is that it was never my intention to work as a teacher, it was just a plan B for a while. Now, however, I think it’s about time I find something in my area of expertise – graphic design, arts, etc. The worst part is that I’m sending e-mails, CVs, portfolios EVERY SINGLE DAY, and there’s no reply. Not one! What’s that about? I knew it’s going to be hard, but not that hard… Is it because I’m 21 (a.k.a. very young and presumably “inexperienced”) or is it just because I still haven’t gotten my bachelor’s degree? I don’t know, but isn’t the whole idea someone to give you a chance? Everybody is inexperienced at first, but that’s the thing. How can you get experience if nobody is hiring you because a lack of one? I’m pretty confident about my skills and my portfolio. As a matter of fact, I’m very pleased with my portfolio 🙂 *moment of self-pride* SO, that makes me wonder why nobody is calling…

Going home…

11 Sep

Tonight I’m flying back home to Bulgaria. I can’t say I’m not excited to see all of my friends and the rest of my family, but I can also say that I’m going to miss my mom, Derrick and Dubai in general… and that one other person as well… I’m kinda upset that things didn’t work out the way I wanted to and I can see that what i want is not what I’m gonna get lol, but… who knows? Maybe in the future… Anyway, I’ve been planning to come work in Dubai for years, but I think now is the right moment, before my mom leaves for America. So, i think I’ll take that opportunity and i’m coming after new year 🙂

Step Up 3D really stepped it up!

9 Sep

I just came back from the cinema and I have to say I’m more than impressed with the new Step Up movie. You know how usually sequels tend to downgrade comparing to the first (original) part? Well, not the case here! I though that this part was the best out of all the three. Why? Where do I start? The cast selection was great. Really good actors, eye-pleasing faces and all that. The main actress was beautiful… and so was the main actor *sigh*… If you ever see him, say a nice word or two about me xaxax 😉
Anyway, apart from the cast, I also enjoyed the effects and the soundtracks *music* 😉 . The movie itself was full with bright ideas, not only when it comes to the dance moves and the choreography, but in general. Everything was screaming ‘original’! From the idea about the crew leaving, dancing and battling under one roof, to all the moves the dancers pulled off. When it comes to the lights they were working on throughout the movie and used in their final routine… not even gonna go there. That was outstanding!
I noticed that on several occasions (most of the dancing scenes… and the kissing part 😉 ) people were actually clapping xaxa lol. At one point I felt as if I’m at a concert or something.
Bottom line is that I really enjoyed the time in the theatre and clearly so did everyone else 😉 Good job to the team and the actors that worked on that one!
Oh, did I mention the WICKED selection of Nike’s in the movie? If 3D was as real as it looks, I would’ve definitely reached out for a pair or two… or more? Good stuff!

Our hearts on a silver platter?

17 Aug

I just realized that I have a major flaw. I am an easily-falling-in-love-aholic… Makes me wonder if there is an equivalent to AA meetings for that. I must be too emotionally available because i get hurt so easily. It’s like, I am so open to other people, that I let them in very quickly and that makes it really hard for me to have a short relationship or even a one-night stand, because in the end I always end up wanting more than that. For example, something that happened recently. I was on vacation and I met this gorgeous boy. I didn’t think anything could happen at first, but then things just started falling into place. We went out on a first date, then on a second, third and so on. Things were going great, but I was constantly reminding myself that nothing serious can come out of this because let’s face it, it was just a summer love. Unfortunately, the more we saw each other, the more I started wanting something more to happen. Now, I’m completely depressed because summer’s nearly over and what we had is about to end as well, so… The drama is with the fact that if I was able to accept the fact that this was just a short thing, now I wouldn’t feel this way. But the problem is that i don’t DO one-night stands and short relationships. I swear, I want to because everything would be so much easier, but I just can’t. I get attached very quickly and that right there is a deal breaker.
I honestly envy people who can just find someone, have fun together and then if it’s over, it’s over. Me, on the other hand? Oh, no, no, no! I am going on and on about how great it could have been, how many good moments we had and why is it over… I swear…I must be very emotionally available and so reality disabled at the same time. Anyway… just a thought…

I hate the fights

5 Jun

Jesus! My sister and I just had a fight. I know, I know… nothing extraordinary, but it just always gets in my nerves so badly that I feel like doing God knows what! I’m not the type of person that gets in a lot of fights, if I have to be honest. Most of the times I prefer to keep it calm and not say what I have to say, so that there is peace on Earth and everybody lives happily ever after! Now, don’t get me wrong, I won’t stand any injustices but I just don’t fight if it’s not worth it, which of course, is most of the times when we fuss about stupid things. But my sister…oh, she has to give it and she has to give it hard! She won’t stop until she says everything she wants to say and everybody admits they were wrong (even if they weren’t…). Naturally, most of the times I would say “Look, I don’t wanna get into this right now, so can we just drop it?” and the reply I usually get is “Yeah, of course! You always try to change the topic and not talk about it if it doesn’t suit you! That’s just who you are!”. Now, I don’t get mad easily but usually that does the trick… Still, I try to avoid the fight and just let it go, but not Rally. She continues walking all over the house, slamming doors shut, murmuring and whatnot. What gets me the most is the things she says. She’s the type of person who will always say stuff she doesn’t really mean while she’s angry but even though I know she doesn’t mean it, that does make it alright. You can’t just blurt out something that would hurt someone’s feelings and then say “Well, you know I didn’t mean it! Why are you mad about it?”. Well, hon, it doesn’t work that way! Plus, she gets angry so easily it’s not even funny. Obviously, yesterday I said something that she didn’t like. I can’t even remember what it was because, apparently, it was SO “important”, plus I bet my ass on it that it was meant as a joke. Well, she obviously decided to take it personally and she held a grudge about it until today. Can you imagine? So, after the fight today she brought it up again and said “I can’t stand you since yesterday anyway, so I don’t care!”. That wasn’t very nice, I have to say. And all because of nothing! I should be used to it by now but clearly I’m not. I just hate big words, if you don’t mean it, don’t say it! That’s the way it should work, otherwise why even bother? Anyway. Decided to write here because talking about it calms me down and since I’m giving her the silent treatment now, and my friends have heard it all before I guess this is the prefect place.

Finally moved in

31 May

So, as of today, we finally have a new apartment. It was one hell of a week! My body is more sore than ever and I’m afraid i have most of my friends in the same condition. We had to take all the furniture out of the house for only a day. Of course, we couldn’t exactly do that because it was a lot to ask for. My dad took his stuff and moved out one day before us and so did Maria. Basically, it was my sister and myself who had to do all the rest. Quite a challenge, I’m telling you. Thank God we have good friends 🙂 They helped for moving all the big things but the rest of the stuff… it was all me and my sis. I’m talking about years of collecting stuff from places all over the world, clothes, toys, kitchen stuff and so, so much more… We had to leave the apartment with only bare walls and floors. Everything else had to go! Of course, we threw out a LOT! Whole lot of “a lot”! 😀 Why have we kept so many useless stuff for so long? Beats me! All I know is that I wanted an empty apartment from now on, so I set this rule: if it hasn’t been used for the past few years, chances are it’s not going to be used in the future. TRASH! I lost count of the times we climbed up and down the stairs all the way to the garbage bins. Of course, I’m covered in bruises, blisters, wounds and whatnot but I guess it’s all worth it. The new apartment is great. Today we signed the tenancy contract, so it’s official! I guess, of all the work we did this past few days, the worst was today, cause you see, we have a piano that we couldn’t figure out how to move from the old apartment to the new one. It must weigh at least 400-500 kilos and it’s impossible to carry. We needed at least 7-8 strong guys to even stand a chance. I can’t describe how sorry i felt for my friends who were doing the lifting. They had to carry it to the 5th floor because it wouldn’t fit in the elevator. Of course, before that they had to carry it 3 floors down and then load it in the bus. It was ridiculous… But we did it and we’re only left with cleaning and arranging the new apartment which, all this considered, is the most pleasant part. I might post some photos when we’re done with the place 😀