I’m a sucker for adventures…

12 May

Ever since I was in 8th grade I knew that Bulgaria is too small for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like my country, but I feel I have no future here. So… I graduate from the university and then what? Find myself a job good enough to meet the ends? I don’t think so! I need more than that. First of all, I’ve always wanted to travel the world, see many places, meet new people, explore new cultures and all that. Second, I have this obsession with English culture, english language in particular and I am being completely serious here. Whenever I hear a native speaker I run immediately in that direction xaxx 😀 I used to hate british accent, though. I guess it just sounded too posh for my taste, but that changed. Don’t ask me when ’cause I don’t know, either 🙂 So, part of my master plan is studying in the UK. I’d like to take my master’s degree there and then move to the States. The thing is, I want to see what life is all about both in England and in America. I’ve never been to the States and I hope I like it because I’ve been plotting it in my head for years and years. Imagine my disappointment if it doesn’t live up to my expectations. I seriously doubt it, though 🙂 Of course I’m going to love it!

People usually say that I’m way too naive and, to be honest,  I understand why. I mean, I am so easy to like something, someone or some place that people probably get confused. Hell, I get confused, myself!!! I guess I’m just easy to be influenced. xaxa I’ll give you an example… You know how directors can make everything in a movie or series seem so appealing? Well, I always buy it! When I was watching Grey’s anatomy I wanted to change my profession and become a doctor. When I was watching Heroes I wanted to develop some kind of ability. Hell, I was watching Prison Break and next thing I know being a convict sounded ridiculously cool and adventurous. Seriously, there’s gotta be something wrong with me! Oh, same thing with places. When I was on vacation in Italy I wanted to stay there forever and experience some of that italian flava’ 😀 Same thing happened when I was in Spain, France, even Dubai. The good thing is that I know why this happens. You see, I think I’m overly ambitious. Yeap, that’s it! I want to be in so many places, do so many things, be so many people at once, which is impossible, but I like the adventure, you know. Sometimes I fall into a depression because I fear the whole time in the world wouldn’t be enough for all the things I want to achieve and try. Then again, most of the times I just try not to think about it and have fun. The rest will come!


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