Anti-cat brokers

18 May

We’ve been looking for apartments these few days and I have to say, some really nice options were available. We told the brokers that we have a cat, so that would be our biggest requirement. Our cat is a persian, very beautiful, calm and lazy. He doesn’t have any bad habits – never pees anywhere but his toilet, doesn’t scratch the furniture, doesn’t bother you unless you want to be bothered…you know, a perfectly harmless cat. We told the brokers, however, to ask the owners of the apartments if they mind, because this is the right thing to do, right? I mean, omitting to tell them wouldn’t be fair, ort at least this is what I thought. So, the brokers said they’ll ask but they don’t think there will be any problem, so we were left with the impression that we have like 5 or 6 good options. Yesterday, however, completely out of the blue, all the brokers started calling, saying that the owners do mind the cat and it’s not gonna happen. We even were told by one of them “Well, can’t you just give the cat to someone? Like your mom, for example?” and I said “Well, first of all, my mom lives abroad and second she already has a cat.” Then she said “Well, send it to her! She’ll have two :)” And she started giggling as if that was the perfect idea anyone could’ve come up with. And while I was changing a number of face-colors I said “Listen, lady! This is not a postcard that you can just send 5000 km away! This is a freaking cat! First can you imagine what the poor animal will go through, and second do you actually think that I want to give up my cat just like that? Now, the cat and us…we’re a package deal, so if you’re not interested just say so and we’re leaving!” She was a total bitch (pardon my french)! And all this coming from a person who’s been looking after a cat for the past 18 years?! I don’t get it? Maybe I should have asked HER if she could give up her cat that easily… Anyway, basically, my sis and I are still looking for a flat. We’re supposed to see couple of apartment today. I hope something good comes up. Keep your fingers crossed, people!

Oh, here’s a photo of my cutie-pie 🙂 See…he’s not gonna be any problem, but try explaining that to those people…


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