Finally moved in

31 May

So, as of today, we finally have a new apartment. It was one hell of a week! My body is more sore than ever and I’m afraid i have most of my friends in the same condition. We had to take all the furniture out of the house for only a day. Of course, we couldn’t exactly do that because it was a lot to ask for. My dad took his stuff and moved out one day before us and so did Maria. Basically, it was my sister and myself who had to do all the rest. Quite a challenge, I’m telling you. Thank God we have good friends 🙂 They helped for moving all the big things but the rest of the stuff… it was all me and my sis. I’m talking about years of collecting stuff from places all over the world, clothes, toys, kitchen stuff and so, so much more… We had to leave the apartment with only bare walls and floors. Everything else had to go! Of course, we threw out a LOT! Whole lot of “a lot”! 😀 Why have we kept so many useless stuff for so long? Beats me! All I know is that I wanted an empty apartment from now on, so I set this rule: if it hasn’t been used for the past few years, chances are it’s not going to be used in the future. TRASH! I lost count of the times we climbed up and down the stairs all the way to the garbage bins. Of course, I’m covered in bruises, blisters, wounds and whatnot but I guess it’s all worth it. The new apartment is great. Today we signed the tenancy contract, so it’s official! I guess, of all the work we did this past few days, the worst was today, cause you see, we have a piano that we couldn’t figure out how to move from the old apartment to the new one. It must weigh at least 400-500 kilos and it’s impossible to carry. We needed at least 7-8 strong guys to even stand a chance. I can’t describe how sorry i felt for my friends who were doing the lifting. They had to carry it to the 5th floor because it wouldn’t fit in the elevator. Of course, before that they had to carry it 3 floors down and then load it in the bus. It was ridiculous… But we did it and we’re only left with cleaning and arranging the new apartment which, all this considered, is the most pleasant part. I might post some photos when we’re done with the place 😀


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