Our hearts on a silver platter?

17 Aug

I just realized that I have a major flaw. I am an easily-falling-in-love-aholic… Makes me wonder if there is an equivalent to AA meetings for that. I must be too emotionally available because i get hurt so easily. It’s like, I am so open to other people, that I let them in very quickly and that makes it really hard for me to have a short relationship or even a one-night stand, because in the end I always end up wanting more than that. For example, something that happened recently. I was on vacation and I met this gorgeous boy. I didn’t think anything could happen at first, but then things just started falling into place. We went out on a first date, then on a second, third and so on. Things were going great, but I was constantly reminding myself that nothing serious can come out of this because let’s face it, it was just a summer love. Unfortunately, the more we saw each other, the more I started wanting something more to happen. Now, I’m completely depressed because summer’s nearly over and what we had is about to end as well, so… The drama is with the fact that if I was able to accept the fact that this was just a short thing, now I wouldn’t feel this way. But the problem is that i don’t DO one-night stands and short relationships. I swear, I want to because everything would be so much easier, but I just can’t. I get attached very quickly and that right there is a deal breaker.
I honestly envy people who can just find someone, have fun together and then if it’s over, it’s over. Me, on the other hand? Oh, no, no, no! I am going on and on about how great it could have been, how many good moments we had and why is it over… I swear…I must be very emotionally available and so reality disabled at the same time. Anyway… just a thought…


2 Responses to “Our hearts on a silver platter?”

  1. freewaffles August 29, 2010 at 01:00 #

    Hi :] I really like your writing. Keep it up 😀

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