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Step Up 3D really stepped it up!

9 Sep

I just came back from the cinema and I have to say I’m more than impressed with the new Step Up movie. You know how usually sequels tend to downgrade comparing to the first (original) part? Well, not the case here! I though that this part was the best out of all the three. Why? Where do I start? The cast selection was great. Really good actors, eye-pleasing faces and all that. The main actress was beautiful… and so was the main actor *sigh*… If you ever see him, say a nice word or two about me xaxax 😉
Anyway, apart from the cast, I also enjoyed the effects and the soundtracks *music* 😉 . The movie itself was full with bright ideas, not only when it comes to the dance moves and the choreography, but in general. Everything was screaming ‘original’! From the idea about the crew leaving, dancing and battling under one roof, to all the moves the dancers pulled off. When it comes to the lights they were working on throughout the movie and used in their final routine… not even gonna go there. That was outstanding!
I noticed that on several occasions (most of the dancing scenes… and the kissing part 😉 ) people were actually clapping xaxa lol. At one point I felt as if I’m at a concert or something.
Bottom line is that I really enjoyed the time in the theatre and clearly so did everyone else 😉 Good job to the team and the actors that worked on that one!
Oh, did I mention the WICKED selection of Nike’s in the movie? If 3D was as real as it looks, I would’ve definitely reached out for a pair or two… or more? Good stuff!