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The job market – friend or foe?

25 Sep

I recently quit my job as a teacher at the school and it’s not because I didn’t like it, but because it wasn’t well paid and I definitely need the money right now. It’s funny how people would think that just because you work at a private school that means you’re better paid… They’re wrong! I guess it’s a bit better than teaching at a public school, but better in this case is simply not good enough. I had a great time working there and definitely learned a lot. The point is that it was never my intention to work as a teacher, it was just a plan B for a while. Now, however, I think it’s about time I find something in my area of expertise – graphic design, arts, etc. The worst part is that I’m sending e-mails, CVs, portfolios EVERY SINGLE DAY, and there’s no reply. Not one! What’s that about? I knew it’s going to be hard, but not that hard… Is it because I’m 21 (a.k.a. very young and presumably “inexperienced”) or is it just because I still haven’t gotten my bachelor’s degree? I don’t know, but isn’t the whole idea someone to give you a chance? Everybody is inexperienced at first, but that’s the thing. How can you get experience if nobody is hiring you because a lack of one? I’m pretty confident about my skills and my portfolio. As a matter of fact, I’m very pleased with my portfolio 🙂 *moment of self-pride* SO, that makes me wonder why nobody is calling…