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They’re just people… just like us.

29 Sep

I just came back from Enrique Iglesias’ concert and I honestly don’t know what to say, but since I’m sharing experiences I have to find some words. There were so many people and since I arrived late (stupid, stupid me!) I couldn’t even see the stage, so I was watching from one of the video walls, but it still was amazing. He has such an extraordinary voice. I was absolutely amazed by his vocal skills and his presence. Witnessing all of it gave me goosebumps. He literally made me cry and I have never cried on a concert before, but he was just so real and so “human”… That might have sounded strange, but this is how I feel. I have so many favorite singers, actors and famous people in general and I would give anything to have the chance to know them, but all of them are just so unreachable and it’s normal. If I had the whole world knowing my name and wanting to see me, touch me, get to know me etc. I would be hard to reach, too. And sometimes I feel so small… like a speck. Seeing people like this totally messes me up. I mean, those are people that write history. People that are always going to be remembered, one way or another. And i just want to be a part of it so bad, but here I am this tiny little thing in the faces of all those well-known people and…. Oh, anyway! I think I’m a little depressed 😦 But I’ll get over it soon… The point is that it was a great experience and seeing Enrique tonight so humane, warm and open to people made me realize that we build this God-like images of all the celebrities, but what we fail to see is that at the end of the day they’re just human, just like us…